Employment proofs, Employee benefits, Taxation, Hiring
and Other Mundane Things of Remote Software Professionals in India  for Companies not registered in India


Having worked at remote companies we understand the problems that remote-friendly companies and their Indian developers face.

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Middleman in providing salaries and benefits to remotees

Traditionally remotees have to work as an independent Software Contractor, if the company does not have a local legal entity. They are not considered employees of the foreign company. Because of that companies can't provide them employment proofs such as pay slip, tax slip, form-16. They are also not able to provide them various employee benefits such as health insurance.

Traditional institutions such as banks, embassies and government departments rely a lot on employment proofs I mentioned. Without them they are unsure if someone has a steady source of income.

We will give employment contracts to your remotees. That way they will offially be our employees and we would be able provide them salary slips, tax slips, form 16 and various employess benefits on your behalf.


We refer you potential candidates from our local network

Finding great software professionals is difficult on its own. Doing that in a different country with very little network would be even more difficult.

We have a great network to find Software Professionals in India. Let us help.
We will attend conferences, meetups and browse through internet to make it easy to find you your stallions.


We file and save taxes for your remotees

Save time of your remotees, so that they can use them in doing what they do best, software. Leave taxing to us.
Doing taxes on your own is tough. Most people don't know what they are supposed to do, professional tax, Goods and Service Tax, Income Tax, etc. Finding a good CA is an equally difficult task. I had to cross-verify things when I started doing taxes for my work. These are very-time consuming things, and best if delegated to and expert.

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$500 /Yr per Person.
Salary, proofs, benefits

  • Pay Slip
  • Form 16
  • Tax Deductable at Source
  • Employee benefits
$500 /Recruit.
  • Free Referrals
  • Pay only if you recruit
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